domenica 24 maggio 2009

PAUL ALOISI::::transZmission::::giovedì 28 maggio

Toronto-born artist Paul Aloisi, a.k.a. TheSnowyOwl, works across and combines several disciplines including mixed media/collage and sculpture/installation. His current work explores human interaction and communication through investigations of public space, architecture, text and their relationships. He frequently works in the public realm; many of his projects engage the public and require their participation. Through his work he aims to reveal the viewer's impact on and connection with society as a collective. Aloisi is a faculty member at the Ontario College of Art and Design.

open canvas:::paul aloisi:::performance:::piazza verdi:::bologna

::::::::::::::::::::::::IN PROGRESS A FRAGILECONTINUO

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Anonimo ha detto...

walà!dopo esser passata in carne et ossa, un salutino virtuale ;)*

fragilecontinuo ha detto...

ti riaspettiamo in carne e ossa:D*